SSI Diving Courses in La Palma

Diving courses in La Palma

SSI Courses in La Palma

Get certified or improve your skills and knowledge with SSI courses for all levels. From the Basic Diver which allows you to dive to 12 meters in one day to all sorts of specialties or even a professional career in diving with the Divemaster course. From 10 years old. 

SSI diving courses are internationally recognized and will allow you to advance your diving training with the help of experienced instructors so if you are looking for what to do on La Palma and want to see a different version of the island, get certified and explore the sea bottoms of the “isla bonita” (beautiful island). Dive with us and learn a new specialty or broaden your knowledge of the underwater world.

Choose us as your dive center in La Palma

If you are thinking of entering the world of diving, there are several alternatives depending on the time you have available:

– The Basic Diver is not a certification but it will allow you to dive up to 12 meters without having to get certified. This activity is done in a single day and will allow you to continue your training for 6 months in any other SSI diving center in the world, counting as the first dive of the Scuba Diver or Open Water course.

-The Scuba Diver is done in two days and certifies you to dive up to 12 meters with a professional anywhere in the world. You will be able to continue your training and expand to Open Water in any other place in the world and in any certification agency without a time limit.

-The Open Water course is the first level of internationally recognized certification that allows you to dive independently (always with a buddy) and up to 18 meters.

If you are already certified but want to expand your training, this is your dive  center in La Palma. This is an ideal destination to find depth, biodiversity, good visibility and impressive natural formations to navigate underwater. Ask us about your next level of certification and all the diving specialties we offer. Here you can go up to Divemaster level and become a dive professional.

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