Open Water diver course La Palma

The Open Water course is perfect for those that want to become a certified diver to be able to explore the underwater world. This course is the first level of recreational diving and allows you to dive up to 18 meters worldwide and forever. The target is to learn how to dive in open waters, being able to plan dives and avoid the most common diving incidents. 

Being taught for very experienced and qualified instructors, in this course you would have to do some theory, exercises in confined water and open water dives. For us, safety is first follow by fun and experience. We teach this course in a progressive way so you can enjoy while learning. 


What is the SSI Open Water course?

The SSI Open Water course is the first level of recreational diving recognized worldwide that allows you to dive up to 18 meters. With this certification you can dive in every ocean in the world always with a dive buddy or following a Divermaster.

This first diving program has been designed to bring knowledge, skills and experiences to be able to dive safety at the same time you can enjoy the underwater wonders of the planet. Taught by certified and experienced SSI (Scuba Schools International) instructors this program offers a mixed of theory, confined waters skills and open water experiences.

During the SSI Open Water course, participants learn the basics of scuba diving, including safety concepts, diving equipment, underwater breathing techniques, buoyancy control and how to organize and plan safe dives. In the theory part you would learn about science of diving, physiology, equipment and risk management.

Besides, students have the opportunity to learn in confined water like pools or shallow waters, practicing specific skills under the supervision of qualified instructors. After that you would do four open water dives to be able to practices your knowledge and explore the underwater environments while getting experiences.

Once you finish the SSI Open Water course, participants would be able to dive worldwide up to 18 meters and to continue your diving career with more advanced courses like the Advanced Adventurer course or the deep diving specialty, opening the doors to new underwater adventures and amazing experiences around the world.


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How long is the Open Water course in La Palma?

The course begin with and online theory that can be done at your pace and at home and the confined waters and open water dives that we normally do in three days from 9am to 2pm.

What do I need to be able to take this course?

To be able to take the Open Water course you have to be at least 10 years old, know how to swim and answer the medical questionnaire to confirm that you have no medical issues or bring with you a doctor certificate saying you can dive.

Open Water en La Palma